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Appearing in "Devolution!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Devolution!"Edit

Bruce Banner, Betty Ross and Rick Jones drive through the New Mexico desert. But they find an army truck blocking the road. Monkeys come out of it and Bruce recognizes them as extinguished apes. Suddenly, Betty and Rick start feeling ill and turn into apes! Meanwhile, a monkey steals the car keys and Bruce follows the ape up to his old cave lab! There he finds the High Evolutionary. The semi-god explains Banner that he wishes to die because he realized that his power is less than a god's. But as he tries devolving himself into nothing, his armor prevents his death and devolves everyone that is nearby instead. Bruce is immune to the armor because of his gamma altered genetics. But when Banner sees Betty and Rick as apes, he changes into the Hulk and confronts the semi-god. The unmeasurable strength of the giant finally destroys the armor. The High Evolutionary turns everything back to normal and turns himself to dust.

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