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Appearing in "People in Glass Houses Shouldn't Hurt Hulks!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "People in Glass Houses Shouldn't Hurt Hulks!"Edit

A woman called Glazier finds Bruce Banner unconscious on Malibu Beach, California. Before the tide could drown him, Glazier takes Banner to a house that is made of glass. When Bruce wakes up, Glazier shows him around the house. It's filled with statues of men made of glass. They all seemed very real. After a month in Glazier's house, the hostess calls Bruce to a glass room. She wants to turn Bruce into a glass statue using her power, to turn whatever she touches at full moon into glass. Bruce begs her to stop, but she touches him anyway. Bruce starts turning into glass as he turns into the Hulk. The transformation heals the Hulk from the Glazier's spell. Before losing control, Bruce laments that he had begged to her due to concern for her safety, not his own. Glazier reveals that she had hoped to turn Bruce into glass the moment he transformed, thereby adding the Hulk to her collection. Snowstar, Glazier's dog, attacks Hulk to protect Glazier, but he easily throws the dog off of him. Glazier accidentally touches her dog while he was falling and turns him into glass, and the glass statue is shattered when it falls to the ground. The weight of the Hulk breaks the glass floor and both fall to the sea. Hulk easily reaches the surface but Glazier touches herself, turning into a glass statue. Hulk leaves while she lays standing at the bottom of the bay.

Appearing in "Foundling!"Edit

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dr. Andrew Sarkan
  • Mrs Sarkan


Synopsis for "Foundling!"Edit

After spending time in LA for a bit, Bruce Banner sees a boy running at him before a man and a woman adminster some drugs to him, proclaiming he's their son and has escaped from a nearby clinic. Banner gets a job at the clinic and before long finds out the truth, the boy is in fact an alien whose hvaing his memories repressed by drugs. One night they arn't adminstered and the creature begins to remember its true race and goes on a rampage, Banner changes into the Hulk and the alien and The Hulk fight before the Dr administers the drug to it, reverting it back into a boy before the Hulk leaps away

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