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Appearing in "Death -- And Destiny!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Death -- And Destiny!"Edit

Tyrannus uses the Flame of Life to defeat the Hulk. But no matter how powerful the Flame is, Hulk is able to fight it back. So the villain decides to merge with the Flame and attack the Hulk, aiming to kill. Eventually, Hulk destroys the tower that holds Tyrannus/the Flame, wich escapes uncontrolled to the sky. A Celestian watches the scene from the distance. Victorious, Hulk turns his attention to the Goldbug. But he suddenly remembers Jarella. Unnoticing it, the Hulk steps on a button that materializes them in the New York sewers. The city of El Dorado suffers an earthquake and is covered by mountains. The people of El Dorado escape entering the caverns. The Goldbug escapes from the Hulk's grasp but is caught by Power Man and Iron Fist, who were walking on the streets. Hulk gets out of the sewers and leaps away. Meanwhile Betty Ross is meeting with Fred Sloan and Trish Starr for an interview for Fred's book on the Hulk. Back at Gamma Base Alan Quartermain leaves after having been relocated by SHIELD and meets the new head of the base Colonel Glen Talbot, who sets about to stop the Hulk once and for all.

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