The Imp in the Violin is a member of a race of tiny, mystical creatures called Imps. During the 16th Century, the Imp resided with a colony of his people, living in secret in the home of a violin maker in Italy. When the violin maker made a new Amati violin, the Imp fell in love with it and claimed it before any of his fellows could and lived in it for many centuries and grew to appreciate classical music.

By the year 1948 the violin was owned by American classical violinist Vincent Varl in New York City. Varl was well established for his mastery of classical music, but his popularity was soon starting to fade due to Jazz music becoming the next in thing. It was recommended by his manager, girlfriend and encouraged by his friend Captain America to start doing Jazz performances in order to boost his popularity. Although having reservations at first, Vincent decided to go ahead with the move.

However, when he first set to practice new Jazz numbers, the music deeply offended the Imp who made his presence known and vowed to ruin his performances should he play Jazz music on the Amati. Vincent tried to explain things to his girlfriend, who dismissed it as nerves. When he told Captain America, the hero took him to a psychiatrist who dismissed the Imp as a hallucination caused by Varl's subconscious.

With no other choice, Vincent put on his show and the Imp attempted to ruin his music. However, the Imp soon became enamoured by the chorus girls dancing and soon found an appreciation for Jazz music, also his meddling also created a unique sound that made Vincent a instant hit. The Imp and Vincent soon made peace and they were both last seen putting on a show with Vincent playing Jazz on his Amati and the Imp dancing with the girls to his hearts delight.


The Imp appeared to have the ability to alter or distort the music that came out of the Amati violin that he lived in. He was also very long lived if not immortal, having been alive as early as the 16th Century.

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