Illyena was the daughter of Wolfgang Groitzig, a scientist forced to construct the 'Doomsday weapon' by the Red Skull during World War II.

As a young girl in the 1970s, Illyena overheard a conversation between her father and Richard and Mary Parker, who were American government spies sent to retrieve the Doomsday device. Richard and Mary knew that they wouldn't make it back to America alive, so they gave the details of the device to Groitzig, who kept them in his home for the next twenty years. As Illyena grew up, she kept her father hidden in the house, as he was assumed dead. She also married a man named Karl.

Twenty years later, after her father had gone missing, Illyena was visited by American journalists Joe Robertson and Peter Parker, Richard and Mary's son. She revealed to them the hidden details of the Doomsday weapon, but the Chameleon arrived and stole them for the Kingpin.

  • Illyena's married name is unrevealed.

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