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Igor was a Soviet spy sent to America to learn the secrets of the Bruce Banner's Gamma Bomb for future purposes of the Soviet Union.

When Rick Jones drove out on the test field, Banner asked Igor to postpone the test while he got the kid to safety. Igor, hoping to be rid of Banner in order to steal his secrets, continued the test and the Gamma Bomb exploded, creating the Hulk. Later, when Bruce turned into the Hulk for the first time, he went to Banner's lab and found Igor looking for the Gamma Bomb formula. Igor shot the Hulk but the Hulk just picked him up and threw him aside. Igor was captured by the troops who believed he was consorting with the Hulk and threw him into prison. Using a miniature transistor short-wave hidden in his fingernail, he alerted the Gargoyle of the Hulk's existence. [2]

Later, the Hulk used his Pantheon resources to confront Igor. Igor had been driven insane by nightmares brought on by his decision to let the bomb detonate which created the Hulk.

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