Iceberg was a powerful crime boss who worked under the Kingpin. He hired several thugs including Hobie Brown to commit petty robberies, but discovered that Hobie had been taking some of the valuables for himself. Iceberg ordered his men to eliminate Hobie, but he escaped.

Hobie was eventually imprisoned in Rooker's Island, where he saved Richard Fisk from an attempt on his life. Richard's father, The Kingpin, in turn engineered Hobie's release. Kingpin, who had recently been considering that Iceberg had become too powerful, planned to use Hobie to defeat him. He gave Hobie a stealth battle-suit, and Hobie dubbed himself "The Prowler", defeating Iceberg.


Iceberg possesses superhuman strength as a result of his ice-form.


Iceberg uses a handgun which fires ice-like projectiles.

  1. Prowler claims that Iceberg's genes were "tinkered with" in order to gain his powers.

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