Huntarr was once a young man named Iann-34, subjected to Karza's experiments which made his body incredibly metamorphic. He was dispatched to attack the Micronauts on behalf of Force Commander, who Karza was possessing at the time.[1].

He almost killed Princess Mari in her attempt to reach Force Commander, but Mari sensed Huntarr's confusion and sadness and convinced him he could find peace of mind by joining the Micronauts.[2]

Huntarr travelled with them for a short time, unsure of himself as he had family on Homeworld. But after a side trip to Homeworld, and witnessing the tragic suicide of both his mother and sister, he returned to the Micronauts' welcome.[3]

Huntarr sacrificed himself along with the rest of the Micronauts in order to restore life through the Microverse.[4] While several Micronauts have resurfaced[5], Huntarr has not.

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