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A late addition to the Micronauts, Huntarr, the Living Weapon, was originally charged with guarding the body banks of Force Commander (who was then serving as the host for Karza).[citation needed] Huntarr was once a young man named Iann-34, subjected to Karza's experiments which made his body incredibly metamorphic[citation needed]. He almost killed Princess Mari in her attempt to reach Force Commander, but Mari sensed Huntarr's confusion and sadness and convinced him he could find peace of mind by joining the Micronauts.[citation needed] Huntarr travelled with them for a short time, unsure of himself as he had family on Homeworld.[citation needed] But after a side trip to Homeworld, and witnessing the tragic suicide of both his mother and sister, he returned to the Micronauts' welcome.[citation needed] Huntarr was probably the youngest of the Micronauts but he spoke with a maturity that belied his age. [citation needed]

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