Professor Ilson was a scientist researching a way to stop the ill effects of aging; to do so, he first had to find a way to speed aging. His research was public: Fellow scientist Dr. Simon Mills was aware of it. Ilson eventually forfeited his project.

Ian Ilson (Earth-600043) 3

Ilson captured

However, international terrorist General Miguel found that this research could produce a useful weapon. He arranged the kidnapping of Professor Ilson, which was violent. During the fight, Ilson managed to scrabble the letters "Migu" in a glass with his finger, to provide a hint. Ilson was then taken to Waterford Prison, Miguel's secret lair.

Miguel forced Ilson to provide him a weapon, threatening 250 people (possible the population of Belleville) if Ilson did not meet the deadlines. Ilson agreed to work, hoping for a rescue. He finally provided Miguel with the weapon, and waited in his cell.

Ian Ilson (Earth-600043) 1

Professor Ilson

Dr. Mills had started an investigation on Ilson's kidnapping, and recruited Captain America. Captain America found Miguel's lair and raided it, rescuing Mills. From the very first moment, Captain America assured Ilson that he, Cap, knew that Ilson had been working under duress.[1]


  • A proficient scientist who developed a chemical to speed aging; he was, however, unable to slow aging.

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