Hyrkania is a land unified by a common language and divided by cultural differences. The vast area of the Hyrkanians includes prairies, forests, tundra, and the steppes.

The Hyrkanians of the steppes are a culture of horse-riding, nomadic warriors. Divided into various tribal clans and led by individual khans (leaders), their warfare consists of recurring raids and relies on skilled used of barbed arrows.

Other Hyrkanians have settled down and established their own city-states, and ports. Cities such as Makkalet are "oases of civilization" in an otherwise barbaric region. However, at the time of Conan, these cities were the targets of an empire expanding itself to all directions: Turan.

The major deities of the area are Erlik and Tarim. They are worshipped by both nomads and citu-dwellers.[1]

Once the War of Tarim was over, Conan left the city and south of the Zaporoska River, where the Hyrkanian plains run to dune and desert, came across a woman being attacked by Turghol, a burly desert man. Conan leapt to her rescue, but the battle was interrupted by Prince Yezdigerd's men. Conan grabbed the girl and escaped on his horse, with the desert man riding behind him. They came across a fortress in the desert, and a gate opened to let them in, slamming shut on the Turanian riders. The next day, Conan made his escape outside the fortress with the mute Turghol, who eventually managed to snatch the Blood of King Bel-Hissar ruby for himself. Conan contemplated fighting Turghol for the ruby, but decided it was not worth the trouble and took his leave.[2]


The Hyrkanian language include demi-vowels.[3]

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