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Hyram Heale

Hyram Heale was a window washer who owned the Hi-Low Window Washing Company. In 1947 he was hired to clean the rooms of circus stars including Mike Galen, who was a star attraction at the circus as the "Human Fly", using a costume that was equipped with suction cups. One day while Heale was washing the windows of an office building he watched as a man placed jewels into a safe. Inspired to steal them, Hyram stole a spare Human Fly costume and attempted to break into the office and by scaling the outside walls.

His attempt was witnessed by Captain America and Bucky who rushed to stop him, however the Human Fly managed to escape after he knocked Captain America off the building. The next night, the Human Fly was off to another robbery when he was once more spotted by Cap and Bucky as they patrolled the city in a helicopter. The Human Fly jumped off the building and attempted to parachute to safety. However, Bucky jumped on him causing him to fall faster. Despite the rough landing, he managed to break free and escape.

Convinced that Mike Galen was the Human Fly, Captain America and Bucky confronted him but learned that he was not and heard his suspicions about how the window washer might have stolen his spare costume. Going to the Hi-Low Window Washing Company, they found the place deserted. Looking for clues they found a newspaper article about the valuable stamp collection owned by lighthouse keeper John Moth. Rushing there, they clashed once more with the Human Fly. Outfought, the Fly attempted to escape down the lighthouse stairs but tripped over an alcove where Moth kept his food. This overturned a barrel of molasses which glued the Human Fly to the floor and allowed Captain America to capture and unmask him as Hyram Heale and turn him over to the authorities.[1]

Heale's subsequent activities are unknown.


Heale wore a "Human Fly" costume which had suction cups on for the hands and feet. These suction cups allowed him to scale any surface.

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