Doctor Doom developed this powerful gas that allowed instil temporary hypnotic suggestions in particularly subsceptible, unconscious subjects. When the Red Skull and his allies the Exiles took over Doctor Doom's Castle, Doom recovered it and knocked his enemies down. He then used the hypno-gas to make them believe that he had shrinked them to an ant's size, then placed them on a rocket and sent them to their island. Doom knew that the effect would have passed when they reached their destiny, but he knew they wouldn't try to attack him again any time soon as he had proven his superiority over them.[1]


The story specifies that Doom had hypnotized the Red Skull and the Exiles using the hypno-gas. Just before that, he had also knocked them down with a gas, but it is unconfirmed whether this was the same gas -meaning that the hypno-gas was also narcotic- or not.


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