Hunter Stein is Chase Stein's uncle and Victor Stein's brother.[1] Hunter runs Track Consolidated Construction and Containment, which designs facilities to contain superpowered people who are either criminals or unable to control their abilities. Hunter would frequently visit his brother and the two would argue.[2]

Chase suspected that Hunter wanted to be let in on the Pride's criminal activity, though there is some indication that Hunter may have actually been trying to stop Victor's abuse of Janet. Whatever the truth, there was a fight between the two brothers, and Hunter stormed out of Victor's house. Shortly after this fight, Hunter was injured and had to have his hip and parts of his legs replaced. Chase believes that he accidentally ran Hunter over with his van as Hunter was leaving the house, though it is unclear how reliable his memory is.[3]

After the defeat of the Pride, Hunter inherited the Malibu beach house that the Runaways are staying in. When the Runaways broke into the house, unaware that he owned it, he chose not to intervene, not wishing to drive away his nephew, but when the house was suddenly hit by a drone, he hurried over to make sure everyone was okay, managing to pass through the forest that had been summoned by Klara.[2] He offered to take care of the Runaways, but they refused.[4]


Hunter had his hip and parts of his legs replaced with metal, making him susceptible to magnets.[3]

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