Hunter played as the Hulk in the video game Heroes with his friends for six months, eight hours a day. Following Alex's disappearance from the group, Hunter hacked into Alex's old IP address and learned that Alex died trying to help the Pride. He also found instructions on how to bring Alex back in case anything happened to him. Hunter told this to his friends, Stretch, Lotus, and Oscar when they gathered in the Los Angeles bar Ye Local Watering Hole. Several months later, Hunter and his friends met in the Minoru's summer home to perform the retrieval spell, which killed Oscar and brought back Geoffrey Wilder instead.[2]

Geoffrey made Hunter and his friends members of the "New Pride." Using the old Pride's equipment, Hunter hacked into the mind of the cyborg Victor Mancha to keep tabs on the Runaways. After Geoffrey lured the Runaways to his house, Hunter took control of Victor until the cyborg told Chase to knock him out.[3] The new Pride kidnapped Molly and moved onto the final part of the Geoffrey's plan.[4]

Hunter waited with his friends while Geoffrey took Molly into the Griffith Observatory. The Runaways showed up, and Hunter stopped them by hacking into the Leapfrog and using it to attack them.[5] Victor took over the new Pride's white van and converted it into a giant robot to grab Hunter and his friends. Hunter and his friends learned that that Geoffrey had been tricking them and the Pride once again became defunct.[6]


Hunter was the technological expert of the new Pride. He could hack into Victor Mancha's cyborg brain and mainframe using the Pride's old equipment.[3] After Victor installed a firewall, he hacked into the Leapfrog.[6]

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