Presumably, before his infection with the zombie virus, the Human Torch's life mirrored that of his counterpart on Earth-616. After he and the other Invaders were transformed into zombies, however, they became a powerful shock troop for the Nazis. The Invaders confronted the Ducky Dozen shortly after that group arrived on Earth-12591. Despite the Human Torch being an android, he had been reprogrammed to be fueled by the same hunger that drove the other zombie superhumans. His first target was Red Raven, singeing the hero's wings before he was able to get out of range. The Human Torch was ultimately destroyed when the Invaders tried to rush the surviving members of the Dozen, only to be ambushed by this world's last resistance to the Nazis takeover, the Suffragists. He had his head bashed in by the wrench of Suffragist member the Riveter.[1]


Seemingly those of Human Torch's Android of Earth-616.

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