Quote1 The fittest that this soon to be forgotten race of genetically deficient beings has to offer. Quote2
-- Apocalypse


Following the take over of the America by Apocalypse, the majority of the human population was displaced to Europe. Some of humanities most prominent people were appointed to become the Human High Council, the ruling body of the surviving human population.

Their members included mutant expert Moira Trask her husband, the Sentinel inventor Bolivar Trask, lobotomized mutant Emma Frost, rich industrialist Brian Braddock (secretly a double agent for Apocalypse), and Japanese national Mariko Yashida.

The employed many operatives, who operated in different capacities. Military commander Thaddeus Ross would commando over soldiers such as Carol Danvers, Clint Barton, Sue Storm and Ben Grimm. Donald Blake and his aid Gwen Stacy would be part of the relief effort in famine ravaged Africa. Victor von Doom would be the head of Eurasian security, while Tony Stark and Bruce Banner would provide their technological expertise. The latter, unknown to all, was a double agent for Apocalypse. They would also hire mutant mercenaries Weapon X (Logan) and Jean Grey.

The two mutants would collect information from Sinister regarding Apocalypse's sea-wall defense perimeter. They would turn this information over to the Human High Council[2]. With this information, the Council would mobilize a Sentinel evacuation of the remaining human population in North America[3].

Also an attack on the council by agents of Apocalypse would lead the Council to go ahead with a plan to launch a nuclear assault on Apocalypse's kingdom. When the Reavers would attempt to thwart this, Braddock's double cross would be revealed and he would be slain. Weapon X would succeed in recruiting Gateway to teleport the nuclear weapons over America[4].

The High Council would next have to deal with the "Lost Horseman", Mikhail who offered salvation through cybernetic augmentation. However this was a double cross. However, Victor von Doom, Donald Blake, Tony Stark, Gwen Stacy, Susan Storm, Ben Grimm would expose this plot. Banner would be revealed as a double agent, who would defect back to the human side after it was learned Apocalypse launched his sea-wall. During the battle against Mikhail, Donald Blake and Victor von Doom would prevent an assassination attempt on the council, and Blake would sacrifice his life killing Mikhail[5].

Although the Sea-Wall was stopped by Jean Grey[6], The fate of most surviving Council members is unknown. Mariko Yoshida returned to Japan[7].

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