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The Hulkbusters are a group of gamma-irradiated mutates that have banned together as a group of heroes. Their ranks included Bruce Banner who became the gamma spawned Hulk after the terrorist organization Hydra would explode his own gamma bomb with himself trapped inside; Leonard Samson who was forcibly injected with gamma radiation by government agent Jasper Sitwell into an abomination, however a blood transfusion from the Hulk stabilized his mutation; Lastly Jennifer Walters who would impulsively give herself a transfusion and become the She-Hulk.

Shortly after their formation they would help the Avengers battle the heralds of Galactus following the death of the Fantastic Four. She-Hulk would join Thor in battling Terrax in Attilan, killing the Herald. Doc Samson would join Namor, Captain America, and Hawkeye in battling Firelord on Monster Island. Lastly, Bruce Banner would aid Dr. Doom, Iron Man and Ant-Man in attempting to build a device to stop Galactus. This would fail and they would all perish, however, Dr. Doom would travel back in time to change history and prevent Galactus from succeeding in his mission. This time around, the Hulkbusters would save the Fantastic Four from death and Banner would work with the reunited Atomic Knights of the Roundtable in building an ultimate nullifier to ultimately stop Galactus.

The Hulkbusters broke up shortly thereafter, with the Hulk resuming his usual rampaging nature. He and She-Hulk would be among the mass exodus of heroes from Counter-Earth to Earth-616 to save both Earth's from destruction at the hands of the Celestials, they would be merged with their Earth-616 counterparts. The fate of Doc Samson remains unrevealed.

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