Quote1 No place on Earth will give you safety, mortal, when Fin Fang Foom strikes! Quote2
-- Fin Fang Foom

Appearing in "The Fin from Outer Space"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Doctor Chen (Only appearance)[1]
  • Howard Tonkins (Only appearance)[1]
  • Jane Campbell (Only appearance)[1]


Other Characters:

  • Carl Roberts (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Jerry Carpenter (Only appearance; dies)[1]




Synopsis for "The Fin from Outer Space"Edit

During one of his attempts to escape the military, the Hulk finds himself washed away to Antarctica. Trudging across the bitter cold, the Hulk laments over being left alone. Weakened by the blizzard, the exhausted brute collapses to the ground and falls asleep and reverts back into the form of Bruce Banner. His body is recovered in the nick of time by the scientists of Polar Station One. When Banner wakes up, he is introduced to Doctor Chen, Howard Tonkins, and Jane Campbell. When they ask who he is and how he got to the South Pole, he tells them that he is Bruce Ross and he has no idea how he got there. However, his hesitation leads the scientist are suspicious of his apparent amnesia and hesitance to answer their questions.

Meanwhile, out on the ice, Carl Roberts and Jerry Carpenter are trying to cut through the ice when they discover a massive lizard creature trapped in it. While Roberts goes to tell the others, Carpenter begins whistling through the ice. However, as he does so, the eyes of the creature under the ice begins begin to glow. The creature then breaks out of the ice, pulling the frightened scientist into the water. Back at the ice station, the scientists are explaining to Banner that they are examining the ozone layer. That's when Roberts arrives he tells the scientists about the discovery in the ice. They all rush out to the scene to find the broken ice and Carpenter. When they ask him what happened, he tells them that he doesn't remember what happened.

Back at the station, Banner is told by Jane that an army transport is being sent to bring him back to civilization. This worries Bruce, but his concerns quickly dissolve when Jane mentions that one of her crew is acting strangely. As Bruce offers his assistance, they suddenly hear a scream. When they rush to the scene of the scream they make a grisly discovery: the desiccated body of Carpenter. Tonkins blames Banner for this death and pulls a gun on him, pointing out that everything was fine until he showed up. Roberts tries to calm the situation down, pointing out that it could have been whatever was under the ice.

Tonkins refuses to stand down leading to the other scientist trying to restrain him, but he manages to strike Bruce. This triggers a transformation into the Hulk just as the man shoots at Banner. The bullets do nothing more but anger the Hulk. As the Hulk disarms Tonkins, the creature from the ice has gathered enough strength to reveal itself and emerges from the body of Roberts. The creature the dragon-like alien known as Fin Fang Foom. Before the creature can attack them, the Hulk punches it so hard he knocks the monster out into the frozen wasteland. Once outside, Foom is able to assume his normal towering height. The Hulk leaps out and battles the creature. Realizing that the Hulk is a powerful brute, Fin Fang Foom tries to play on the Hulk's alienated status and tries to convince him to join with him in taking over the Earth. The Hulk doesn't buy his sales pitch and easily overpowers Fin Fang Foom and throws him with sufficient force to send the monster flying toward the moon. With the threat over, Tonkins asks why the Hulk didn't kill the monster, and the gamma-spawned brute tells him that it isn't his job, and then bounds away.

Appearing in "Fin Fang Foom!"Edit

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Strange Tales #89.

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  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[2]

Solicit Synopsis:

Prepare yourself for a showdown of epic proportions: The gamma irradiated goliath, the Hulk, faces off against the mighty Marvel monster, Fin Fang Foom. This action-packed double-sized one-shot will take two of Marvel's biggest, greenest monsters and pit them against one another; & you can be sure that when these brutal beasts collide, ain't nobody gonna be happy. So place you're bets folks, cause this one's going to make it into the last rounds...

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