Information-silk Official Team Name
The Hulk Gang
Information-silk Team Aliases
Hulk Gang, Bruce Banner's Grandchildren
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Information-silk Identity
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Information-silk Base of Operations
Information-silk Team Leader(s)
Maestro; formerly Pappy Banner
Information-silk Current Members
Information-silk Enemies
Logan, Anyone who doesn't pay their rent
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First appearance

The Hulk Gang is a gang of hillbilly Hulks that are the result of Hulk impregnating She-Hulk. Most of the Hulk Gang members are grandchildren of Bruce Banner have become run-of-the-mill thugs, beating or killing people when they don't pay their rent on time. When they arrived at Logan's farm, he asks them to give him some days to get the money. The Hulk Gang agree to the terms.[1]

After his family was killed upon Logan returning, he learned that the Hulk Gang got tired of waiting and killed them. Logan went after the different members of the Hulk Gang and killed them. When it comes to Pappy Banner, he claimed that he got tired of being a supervillain landlord and wanted to fight Logan for old times sake. Both of them fight which ended with Logan killing Hulk. Billy-Bob Banner was spared by Logan who demanded his coat, boots, and pants. Then Logan took Bruce Banner Jr. into his custody.[2]


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: A Fantasti-Car
Weapons: None known.

  • Miss Banner is seen nursing a small green baby, and is specifically called 'Miss Banner', indicating that the child was born out of wedlock.
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