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Bruce Banner (Earth-616) and Thundra (Earth-715) from Hulk Raging Thunder Vol 1 1 0001
In the present day, the Hulk is being pursued by the military in the deserts of Utah. Some 2 centuries in the future, Thundra leads her Sisterhood against a faction of male warriors in order to secure to channel the power they need to activate a time machine. The warriors of the Sisterhood fight valiantly and have casualties, they manage to drive the men away. With the outpost completely set up, Thundra then rushes back to the domain of the Sisterhood to make the time jump. There, the members of the Sisterhood cheer Thundra on as she prepares to go back in time two centuries into the past to battle the strongest man of that era.

Thundra leaps into the time portal and arrives in modern day Utah along with a recorder drone, arriving just as the Hulk has finished warning off the military. She then attacks the Hulk, who is confused by the reason the woman is attacking him. Still, he fights back nonetheless, and ultimately the two discover that they are evenly matched. When Thundra ends the battle, she explains that she came to find the strongest man on Earth. The Hulk considers himself a monster, but this doesn't stop Thundra from getting what she needs. She kisses the Hulk and then returns to her own era. There, the scientists of the Sisterhood are able to get the DNA sample that Thundra scrapped from the inside of the Hulk's mouth. With it, they intend to impregnate Thundra so she gives birth to a daughter that is even strong than she is.

Decades later, the daughter of Thundra and the Hulk becomes a legendary warrior just like her mother.

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Fantastic Four #133.

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--For a full synopsis of this comic, please see the original publishing of this comic in Fantastic Four #133.--

Continuity Notes

  • Thundra recounts how she couldn't go to the Thing because he was betrothed to another. When last Thundra saw the Thing, circa Fantastic Four #184 he was in a relationship with Alicia Masters.

Solicit Synopsis:

She will be the mightiest champion of her time. He was the mightiest monster of his. What happens when these legends clash will change the course of history for the warrior known as THUNDRA! PLUS, a classic Thundra tale!

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