A wealthy but near-morbidly overweight individual, Hubert St. Johns arranged for scientists in his employ to capture the Hulk so that he could replicate the Hulk's gamma transformation and harness the Hulk's physical power for himself. However, although the effort succeeded in granting him the power of the gamma rays, St. Johns made a significant miscalculation; all previous examples of gamma mutation had affected people with relatively ordinary muscular structures, with their new physiques the result of the gamma radiation amplifying what was already there, but all his body gave the gamma radiation to work with was fat. As a result, he simply became even fatter, his body collapsing under its own weight.[1]

Strength level

Imbued with the power of gamma rays, he was theoretically very strong and durable.


His excessive weight meant that he lacked the actual muscle of other gamma-exposed individuals, barely able to move. This was, in fact, the cause of his death.

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