When Hub underwent Terrigenesis he awakened to find he'd lost most of his body save his head. Unable to communicate with the outside world, he became a prisoner trapped within his agony as his power manifested in the form of energy generation.

Eventually the Inhuman Royal Family of Attilan found him and hooked him into devices aboard a thought-powered ship; The R.I.V, eventually bringing in another Nuhuman by the name of Swain to act as communication outlet thanks to her ability.[1]


Nuhuman form: Like all Inhumans emerging from their cocoons, Hub underwent a rather drastic transformation. Losing most of his bodily extremities in the process save for his lone head, similar to Eldrac the Door.[1]

  • Energy Emission: Hub has the ability to generate massive amounts of energy from his body, which causes him immense pain if it is not let out.[1]
  • Optic Blasts: Can fire concussive energy blasts from his eyes at will.[2]
  • Control Interfacing: Through Hubartes's energies he can control and activate a great deal of functions pertaining to the Inhuman diplomatic envoy's main mode of transport.[1]

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