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Bronze-Age, Howard the Duck Vol 2, Jim Shooter/Editor-in-Chief, John Pound/Cover Artist, Bill Mantlo/Writer, Michael Golden/Penciler, Bob McLeod/Inker, Jim Novak/Letterer, Howard the Duck (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Beverly Switzler (Earth-616)/Appearances, Blink the Duck (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Simon Strange (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Theresa the Duck (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Orville the Duck (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Henrietta the Duck (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Ronald the Duck (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Witness to the Ascension Cult (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Godfrey Gander (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Ludwig von Cluck (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Scrounge McDrake (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Theodore Sallis (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ancient Wino (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Duktor Beakwaak (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Truman Capoultry (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Richard Millnest Duxon (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Gyro Agnu (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Morty Fowler (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Mark Gruenwaugh (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Lana Linn (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Norman Mallard (Earth-791021)/Appearances, James Mallardy (Earth-791021)/Appearances, McDuck (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Webb McGroober (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Olsen (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Don Pardo (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Mayor Quach (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Johnny Quackson (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Amy Quakton (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Duck Severinson (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Baak Waaker (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Booker T. Wackerton (Earth-791021)/Appearances, Duckworldians/Appearances, Earth-791021/Appearances, Duckworld/Appearances

Howard the Duck Vol 2 6


Howard the Duck Vol 2 6

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Appearing in "Duckworld"Edit

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Synopsis for "Duckworld"Edit

Howard and Beverly arrived on Duckworld. In this world Beverly is considered the freak. Howard was eventually realized to have been the drake who had vanished a few years back. Initially fleeing from overzealous worshippers, Howard led Beverly back to his former home, the base of the WACkies, and they learned what Gander had done. Howard spoke up to the crowd, denouncing Godfrey and revealing the message he had intended for them. Though initially reluctant, the Duckworlders agreed to start thinking for themselves, while Gander vowed vengeance for losing his franchise. Howard worked to win his people over to Beverly, appearing with her on the Tonight Show with Johnny Quackson. In a "This is Your Life moment" Howard was reunited with his parents and his sister Theresa now a nun and brother Orville now a mortician. However, the next guest, Dr. Ludwig von Cluck a chicken, actually a paid agent of Gander attempted to use his "Surrogate Sniffer" super-vacuum machine to expose Beverly as a robot. It exposed tearing off all of her clothes. The appearance of a naked human appalled the Duckworlders, Howard and Beverly fled alongside fellow guest Truman Capoultry. A former ally of Gander, Capoultry wished to follow Howard's word and helped them escape. To help them return to Earth, Capoultry brought them to Ducktor Strange, Mallard of the Mystic Arts, who was a drunk living in an alley. Before Strange could do anything, Gander, MacDrake, and their allies showed up and attempted to gun down Howard, Bev, Capoultry, and Strange. Bev kicked a trash can into their attackers, after which they overpowered them one by one. Strange cast a spell sending them back to Earth, and while Gander saw this as a chance to revive the WACkies, Capoultry vowed to write a new book, telling the true story of Howard, which would foil Gander's plans.

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