Howard Stark was the founder and original CEO of Stark Industries and the father of Tony Stark, who would become the super hero Iron Man.

He was one of Captain America's good friends and was the one who created the unique iron-Vibranium alloy shield for Cap. The Vibranium was gifted to Howard by King T'Chaka as gratitude for Steve and Howard help saving his Wakanda nation from Hydra during World War 2.

During 1949 just before New Years Eve, Howard was on a Mission with his friend Agent Peggy Carter to deliver a "package" when they were attacked by Hydra Agents robots (Who were actually sent by Kang to kill Howard) until one of the damage robots accidentally sent them to the present day future with blurred memories of the last twelve hours. When Captain America and Iron Man came to investigate, Howard was surprised to find Cap still alive and that he'll eventually have a son. For time being Tony and Steve spent some time catching up with Howard and Peggy respectively while they figure how they got here. Howard and Tony were attacked by the robots remains using parts of the Iron mam armors, they were able to destroy it just before when Kang makes his entrance, he revealed his attempt to wipe the Stark lineage from history and all that would come from it (i.e. the Arc Reactor, Iron Man, The Avengers and Arno Stark).

Both Starks battle Kang as he continues his attempt to kill Howard, things prove to be more difficult for him as Cap and Peggy arrive in time. In order to save his son, Howard escapes Kang and wears one of Tony's armors, Kang is beaten by the four of them combine but reveals that if Howard remains time displace for too long the paradox will catch up and erase Iron man anyway. The Conqueror makes his escape though a time portal. Tony calculates that they have until midnight to send Howard and Peggy back. Tony Uses the residual energy from Kang's robot components to reopen the portal they came through all within 2 minutes, just when they were giving their farewells, Kang returned to finish what he started but wass stopped by Arno Stark who drags him back to future as the conquer curseed the Stark's. Howard and Agent Carter returned to the past just in time with their captive Doctor Faustus but lost all their memories of their time in the future.[1]

At some point Howard eventually settled down, got married with Maria and had his son Tony, though they had a rocky relationship as Howard would hardly spent with his son, as Tony mentions that he was a great scientist rather than a great dad. Tony also mentioned that his father used to tell stories of Captain America.

Howard was also the creator of Arsenal, a robot made for two tasks; contain energy, and be Tony's friend.[2] He used Arsenal to record over a hundred of holograms were he not alive for Tony in the future.[3]


Seemingly those of Howard Stark of Earth-616.

  • Howard Stark is voiced by Stephen Collins as an older man and by Charlie Schlatter as a younger man.

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