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Modern-Age, House of M The Day After Vol 1, Decimation, Joe Quesada/Editor-in-Chief, Randall Green/Cover Artist, Chris Claremont/Writer, Randall Green/Penciler, Aaron Lopresti/Penciler, Rob Hunter/Inker, Norman Rapmund/Inker, Don Hillsman/Inker, Lare Molinar/Colourist, Avalon/Colourist, Virtual Calligraphy/Letterer, Mike Marts/Editor, James Howlett (Earth-616)/Quotes, X-Men (Earth-616)/Appearances, Scott Summers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Emma Frost (Earth-616)/Appearances, Alexander Summers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Robert Drake (Earth-616)/Appearances, Katherine Pryde (Earth-616)/Appearances, Piotr Rasputin (Earth-616)/Appearances, Remy LeBeau (Earth-616)/Appearances, Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-616)/Appearances, James Howlett (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lorna Dane (Earth-616)/Appearances, Henry McCoy (Earth-616)/Appearances, Xi'an Coy Manh (Earth-616)/Appearances, X-Treme Sanctions Executive (Earth-616)/Appearances, Kurt Wagner (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lucas Bishop (Earth-1191)/Appearances, Rachel Summers (Earth-811)/Appearances, Elizabeth Braddock (Earth-616)/Appearances, Danielle Moonstar (Earth-616)/Appearances, Office of National Emergency (Earth-616)/Appearances, Valerie Cooper (Earth-616)/Appearances, Demetrius Lazer (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sentinel Squad O*N*E (Earth-616)/Appearances, Patricia Tilby (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hellfire Club (Earth-616)/Appearances, Roberto da Costa (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sage (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)/Appearances, Pietro Maximoff (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lockheed (Earth-616)/Appearances, Charlotte Jones (Earth-616)/Appearances, Maximus Jensen (Earth-616)/Appearances, Peter Quinn (Earth-616)/Appearances, Erg (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sapien League (Earth-616)/Appearances, Leper Queen (Earth-616)/Appearances, Frederick Dukes (Earth-616)/Appearances, X-Factor Investigations (Earth-616)/Appearances, James Madrox (Earth-616)/Appearances, Rahne Sinclair (Earth-616)/Appearances, Guido Carosella (Earth-616)/Appearances, Mutantes Sans Frontières (Earth-616)/Appearances, Paige Guthrie (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hanna Levy (Earth-616)/Appearances, Opul Lun Sat-Yr-Nin (Earth-794)/Appearances, MI-13 (Earth-616)/Appearances, Peter Wisdom (Earth-616)/Appearances, Farissa (Earth-616)/Appearances, Constance (Earth-616)/Appearances, X-Corporation (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lucia Callasantos (Earth-616)/Appearances, Maria Callasantos (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jubilation Lee (Earth-616)/Appearances, William Stryker (Earth-616)/Appearances, Nathaniel Essex (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jill Kincaid (Earth-616)/Appearances, Samuel Guthrie (Earth-616)/Appearances, Theresa Cassidy (Earth-616)/Appearances, Neena Thurman (Earth-616)/Appearances, Amara Aquilla (Earth-616)/Appearances, Forge (Earth-616)/Appearances, Callisto (Earth-616)/Appearances, Vance Astrovik (Earth-616)/Appearances, Aurelie Sabayon (Earth-616)/Mentions, Cessily Kincaid (Earth-616)/Mentions, Noriko Ashida (Earth-616)/Mentions, En Sabah Nur (Earth-616)/Mentions, Sublime (Earth-616)/Mentions, Cassandra Nova Xavier (Earth-616)/Mentions, United States of America/Appearances, New York State/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, Middle East Side/Appearances, Manhattan/Appearances, Westchester County/Appearances, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters/Appearances, New Jersey/Appearances, Atlantic City/Appearances, California/Appearances, Los Angeles/Appearances, Washington, D.C./Appearances, Pentagon/Appearances, France/Appearances, Paris (France)/Appearances, United Kingdom/Appearances, England/Appearances, London (England)/Appearances, Hellfire Club Building (London)/Appearances, Cyclops Visor Model 1/Appearances, Sentinel Squad Armor/Appearances, One Shots

House of M The Day After Vol 1 1


House of M The Day After Vol 1 1

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Quote1 Magneto, Apocalypse, Sinister, Sublime, even Cassandra Nova -- at their worst, none of 'em ever hurt us as badly as this. Quote2
-- Wolverine

Appearing in "The Day After"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Day After"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

  • Numerous mutants are confirmed to have been depowered, including Blob, Jubilee, and Quicksilver.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

See AlsoEdit

  • None.


  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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