The Tombs Estate is one that has a legacy of murder that started when the house was being built and one of the Tombs family murdered his own brother. There were a series of murders and the evil of the house compelled those who stayed there to be driven to kill. Ultimately, the only Tombs left was Jason Tombs, who on January 13, 1941 recorded a warning about the house's evil on his gramophone before abandoning the estate.

The house apparently remained unoccupied until one stormy night in 1946 when a bus load of passengers were caught between a washed out bridge and the flooded road. Among the passengers were Captain America, Bucky, ageing actor Derek Devens, Mark Smith and his newly wedded wife, and a pair of illegal gamblers who Cap and Bucky were bringing to the police. Seeking refuge in the house, they all instantly found it foreboding, but all retired to separate rooms for the night.

Soon, a fight broke out between the bus driver and Devens soon got into a fight, with Devens killing the driver with a sabre left in the house. When Captain America and Bucky attempted to subdue Devens, Devens was accidentally killed by his own sabre. Soon, Mark and his wife attempted to kill each other, and Cap and Bucky locked them in separate rooms. With Cap and Bucky succumbing the the evil in the house, the two crooks convinced them to fight each other. However, their fight activated the gramophone. Learning of the house's history caused the two to snap out of it and they gave the crooks chase to the roof. Having become effected by the house themselves, the two crooks killed each other. Returning to the lower level of the house, Cap and Bucky found that a fire had started during the fight and pulled Mark and his wife to safety while the so-called House of Hate burned to the ground.[1]

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