The man known as the House Killer was a criminal who was active in the 1940s. In 1946 he learned that a boarded up house owned by John Kirk in the area was once used for making gold plating and that the houses structure was loaded with hold dust that could be extracted to make a fortune. This was learned at the time when there was currently a housing crisis going on in New York City. When Kirk decided to repair the house to rent out to potential tenants the crook developed the identity of the House Killer to distract the authorities from his real plan.

The House Killer and his men removed the house from the property and replaced it with a hollow replica and lit it on fire. Then left a note that proclaimed the house was destroyed by someone angry at Kirk for refusing to rent a place out to them. The resulting explosion attracted the attention of the Human Torch and Toro. In order to further throw off the heroes investigation, the House Killer set up another fake house and set it to go off. However, he was interrupted, and even though the House Killer doused them in flame retarding chemicals he only succeeded in blowing the roof off his fake house, allowing the Torch and Toro to realize part of his scheme.

The House Killer then went to the city records office to destroy the information on the Kirk house. They were once more opposed by the Human Torch and Toro, but they were once more knocked out and the House Killer succeeded in destroying most of the report on the Kirk house. However, part of the report survived tipping off the Torch as to what the House Killer's plan was. They managed to track them down to the chemical factory that they were using to extract the gold dust out of the housing materials and busted the crooks. Turned over to the authorities, the House Killer confessed his plans.[1]

His subsequent activities are unknown.


The House Killer used explosives and also had access to a chemical gas that could douse the Human Torch and Toro's flames.

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