Horatio was a doll maker who ran a shop during the 1940s. He loved his creations so much he began to believe that they had their own personalities and soon came to the point that he could not be parted from them. By 1948, his business was floundering and his landlord began demanding that he pay what he owed in back rent or he threatened to take possession of the dolls and sell them for the money owed. Horatio then hired a band of criminal midgets to dress up as his dolls and help him commit robberies to keep his store in business. Around this time, Horatio was slowly becoming unhinged and began believing that his minions were real dolls.

On the day when Horatio's landlord gave him one more day to pay what he owed him, his store was visited by Jeff Mace and Betsy Ross (secretly Captain America and Golden Girl) who found his dolls (and his eccentric behavior) interesting. Later that night, Horatio sent his minions to rob a local bank, killing the night watchman. Captain America and Golden Girl rushed to the scene and chased the tiny crooks back to Horatio's doll shop. There they used a trap door to switch places with the real dolls before the two heroes arrive. Baffled, Captain America and Golden Girl were cast out of the store by Horatio who was roused awake by their entry.

The following day Jeff and Betsy paid another visit and were surprised when Horatio suddenly had the money to pay off his landlord. Jeff then mentioned how much of a shame that Horatio did not have the priceless ruby doll house owned by Mrs. Waggoner to house his dolls.

The Minions of Horatio (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 68 0001

Horatio's "dolls" in action.

This was a plant to lure Horatio and his minions into committing another robbery, and Horatio took the bait. When he and his minions broke into the Waggoner mansion to steal the ruby doll house, Horatio had completely snapped fully believing that his minions were really dolls. When Captain America and Golden Girl attacked, the midgets were rounded up, but Horatio managed to escape. Rushing back to his doll shop the crazed store owner begged his dolls for forgiveness, and surprisingly, they came to life and sentenced him to death. Hearing his dying screams, Captain America and Golden Girl rushed into Horatio's shop and found him dead with his throat cut and his blood on the blade of the puppet he called the Axe-Slayer of Nan-king. This left the two heroes to wonder if the dolls really did come to life and kill their master.[1]


It is unknown if Horatio was a possible mutant or if he suffered from mental delusions. However, Horatio had a number of his creations came to life and were able to move and speak independently, though he couldn't control them. They also seem to have killed him before reverting back to their normal status.


Horatio was a skilled doll maker.


Horatio suffered from the delusion that his minions were really the dolls he created.


Horatio had a number of dolls who by some unknown means came to life at least once, were able to speak and move independently. How this was possible is unrevealed.

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