Horace Vanderveer was the manager of the National Bank. He secretly plotted to rob it, hiring a gang of thugs to rob the bank. Vanderveer, however, didn't foresee interference from the newly powered hero the Human Top. The Top stopped the thieves and, unaware that Vanderveer had hired them, brought the stolen money directly with him. When Vanderveer tried to shoot the hero, he humiliated him by leaving him on his chandaliere.

Horace took the money and attempted to flee the country in his yacht, leaving the Top to be framed for the theft. The Top ultimately tracked Horace down, and after defeating his thugs, threatened Vanderveer by placing him on the top of a flag pole. When Horace agreed to confess and turn himself over to the police, the Top let him down and left him for the authorities.[1]


Horace wielded a handgun.

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