Professor Horace Grabsheid was an excellent rocket scientist with a personal project to create an interplanetary spacecraft - unfortunately he had not the money to finance that. Herbert Wyndham approached Grabsheid to design a citadel of science in Wyndahm's partner's terrain in Transia - Wyndham wanted a spaceworthy laboratory, and insisted to his partner Jonathan Drew that Grabsheid was the man to do this. In exchange for that, Grabsheid wanted Wyndham and Drew to finance his interplanetary spacecraft, which they agreed to do because they were rich due to the uranium mines in the Transian terrain.

In just a few weeks, Grabsheid finished the design and showed it to Wyndham, who accepted it. Drew still was dubious because he did not understand why they needed a spaceworthy laboratory. They meeting was interrupted when Drew's daughter Jessica saw a werewolf through the window: Drew and Wyndham went to investigate while Mrs. Miriam Drew stayed with Professor Grabsheid.

Wyndham and Drew accepted Grabsheid's design and eventually they built the HQ in Wundagore Mountain.


Excellent rocket scientist, able to design spaceworthy laboratories and interstellar rockets. Speaks English.


Although Grabsheid speaks English, he never learned the word "Mister" and called everyone "Herr."

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