Hope Summers and the X-Men were successful in their defeat against Bastion and his Nimrod Sentinels invasion of Utopia. But the victory was only short lived as Hope's abilities started to change at an exponential rate. With every new mutant born added another mutation to Hope's pallet. Her change began to physically affect the mutants around her. It started with the exaggeration of their power-sets, which swelled their strength, and then caused her to absorb every mutant psyche on the planet into her own, which made her into a single gestalt being that Hank McCoy dubbed the Hub.

Hope Summers (Earth-10710) 0002

Hub's energy form

The X-Men were used as drones to supply her with new energy and also to protect her from harm. With the help of Dr. Rao and the X-Club, Rao derived the means to make her Hope Serum to use it to depower her. But Dr. Nemesis noticed things were out of place with his vision and Box's own abilities which revealed that what they experienced was a simulation of another alternate future timeline produced by Donald Pierce and the Sapien League in order to get the formula ingredients to the Hope Serum, but was tricked by Rao in the end. The fate of this Hope Summers is unknown.[1]


Seemingly those of the Hope Summers of Earth-616.

Possesses the abilities of every mutant on the planet.

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