Hidden Isle is an island located in a rarely visited section of the Mediterranean Sea. It was the home to the mythical Cyclops.


On his way home from the Trojan War, storms led Odysseus' ship to the Hidden Isle the home of the Cyclops; , who started eating the crew of the ships. Odysseus managed to trick Polyphemus and along with his companions, blinded the Cyclops. Before they left, though, he did the mistake of revealing his identity to Polyphemus, who then told his father, the god Poseidon; this had a major impact on the hero's travel, as the god sent rough seas throughout the journey.[1] [2]

Modern Era

Namor discovered the island during his travels. When Namor was leading the Fantastic Four to believe he was producing their movie, he tricked Mr. Fantastic into believing the Cyclops was mechanical robot. [3]


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