The man known as Herr Bat was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. He earned his name due to his pointed ears and deformed body. In the fall of 1944 he was operating in the United States and was given orders to destroy a glider school organized by the United States military. To this end he developed specially made balloons that carried explosives, and by electronic device would deflate and drop their deadly payload onto the base. Due to the limited visibility at night, the Americans on the base were led to believe that they were being attacked in an air raid, and became stumped when no bombers were seen in the area.

Eventually, the attacks prompted the Human Torch and Toro to investigate the bombings. During the next attack, they discovered the balloons and followed them to their point of origin. At the Bat's hideout, the two heroes were surrounded at gun point and taken prisoner. After the Bat explained his operation he had the two heroes tied up in asbestos lined strait-jackets to be dealt with later. The Bat and his men then prepared a final assault on the glider school.

The Torch and Toro managed to break free from their bonds and rushed out to stop the balloons from reaching their target. They instead caused the bombs to drop their payload on the Bat's hideout, killing him and his men in the resulting explosion.[1]


The Bat had access to asbestos lined strait-jackets


The Bat had accessed to guns and explosives. He used helium filled balloons with mechanical release valves that were operated remotely to drop bombs on targets.

Der Fledermaus is German for The Bat.

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