The Warlord Supreme was a military leader who sent the Titan Time Probe to identify, locate, and recover whoever had deactivated the Planet-Destroyer, intending to deliver that being to the Galaxy Master, for fear that it would destroy him or his people instead. Upon the delivery of the lifeless Dr. Banner, he had him revived with the Resuscitator and then probed with the Brain Beam to learn how he had accomplished what he had done. Determining Banner to be only a brilliant scientist who happened upon and deactivated their weapon, the leader sentenced him to death, feeling the Galaxy Master would make the same order. When another Sagittarian officer questioned this, asking if they were no more than murderers killing a man seeking to save his world, the Warlord Supreme slapped him down. He then reminded everyone of the fate of others who defied the Galaxy Master and that they had been commanded to erase all intelligent life so none may ever oppose him. Hearing this, the Galaxy Master voiced his approval and commanded that Banner must perish. The Warlord Supreme ordered Banner to be sent to the Decompression Chamber, but the stress of the chamber turned Banner back into the Hulk. As the Hulk broke out of the chamber and attacked the ship, the Warlord Supreme ordered the soldiers to open fire on him. After the Hulk destroyed their port lasers and main detection scanner, the Warlord Supreme ordered the Interceptor Squad to man the Repulse Spheres. They did so, but the Hulk weathered their laser blasts and then hurled the scanner section at the "Attack Spheres," shattering them before entering the port rocket exhaust tube. The Warlord Supreme ordered the engine to be fired, hoping to incinerate the Hulk, but the Hulk continued to advance until he destroyed the port engine. Preparing for emergency landing on their own home planet, Berhert, they attempted to land on and crush the Hulk, but he leapt out of the way at the last minute[1].
As the battle between the Hulk and the Galaxy Master continued, other Sagittarian soldiers noted that the Hulk might be able to defeat their tyrannical master and thus free them, but the Warlord told him to speak not of treason, noting how it was toying with the Hulk and could destroy him at any time. After Princess Daydra rushed off to lead her people to revolt against the Galaxy Master, the Warlord sent his sentry to warn the Galaxy Master, who dismissed and then incinerated him with a single blast. As the Galaxy Master sent a barrage of white hot meteors to destroy the rebel Sagittarian ships, the Warlord Supreme, seeking to become ruler as well as warlord, fired a destruct ray to destroy Daydra's ship. Escaping the ship, Daydra plunged towards the ground, but the Galaxy Master snared her in a tractor beam/force field and pulled her within its core. After the Hulk saved Daydra and destroyed the Galaxy Master, Daydra denounced the Warlord Supreme as a traitor. Fleeing, he fell into a deep crevice to the planet's core, created by the GM in hopes of burying the Hulk and presumably perished[2].

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