Herbert, son of Heller, was the fourth Baron Zemo. Little is known about him except that he was a mighty warrior and was not fond of politics unlike his father Heller. Herbert expanded Zemo Keep's control of trade and commerce with his armies. He nearly incited a holy war with the papacy. In 1556, he fought alongside Helmut Zemo, his time-displaced distant descendant. Herbert was eventually assassinated by his own generals, who feared the reprisals of all the enemies who had united against him. Because his two eldest sons died young, he was succeeded by his youngest son, Helmuth.


None known


Herbert was a trained swordsman and a veteran in battles.

Strength level

Normal human male who engaged in intensive regular exercise


None known


Herbert wore a chainmail for protection

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  1. Fabian Nicieza intended to name the 9th Baron Zemo Hoffman but did not get the chance to do so in the script for Zemo Born Better.

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