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Formed by X-51 to warn alternate realities of the Celestial embryo growing in each alternate Earth's core.
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The Watchers Citadel on the moon of Earth-9997
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The Negative Zone of Earth-9997

The seed of events that led to the creation of the Heralds began many years before the formation of the team. It all began on Earth-9997 when retired super-hero Aaron Stack (Aka, Machine Man, X-51) was selected by Uatu the Watcher to take his place as the aging Watcher was blinded by Black Bolt. The intent was to wipe X-51 of his false humanity so that he could record the events transpiring on Earth without emotion.
This did not work however, and when X-51 learned that the beings of Earth were manipulated by the Celestials to become anti-bodies to protect a growing Celestial implanted in Earth's core that would destroy the planet upon birth, X-51 revolted and with the help of Reed Richards, Black Bolt and Galactus were able to stop the Celestials and destroy the embryo growing in Earth's core.
Three years after this victory, Galactus returned to the moon, troubled by the fact that when he was summoned by Black Bolt to defend the Earth he was called "Franklin" (On Earth-9997 Galactus was converted into a star, and so Franklin Richards' mutation was advanced the third tier of mutation, where ones abilities and self definition are defined by others, he was convinced he was Galactus to restore balance to the universe.) and demanded to know who Franklin Richards was.
X-51 was caught in a tough spot, as revealing that Galactus was really Franklin Richards would reverse the work of years and the Celestials would be left to reproduce unchecked without Galactus to balance their population. In the end, just when X-51 was about to reveal the fate of Franklin Richards of Earth-9997, he instead accidentally showed Galactus the fate of Franklin Richards of Earth-811 (On Earth-811, Franklin was a mutant rebel that was killed by a Sentinel robot during an escape attempt.) This knowledge satisfied Galactus who then returned to the stars to continue his life's purpose.
X-51, confused by this contradiction, confronted Uatu about how he could have pulled that information. The blind Watcher informed X-51 that there were many alternate realities, and many alternate Earth's with their own Celestial embryo's growing in their cores.
Later, through the visions of Kyle Richmond (the hero formally known as Nighthawk), X-51 soon learned that the universe that preceded that of Earth-9997 was destroyed by Celestial over-population, in it's wake the present universe came into existence. This new universe was later fragmented further due to manipulations caused by time travel, which did not change history so much as it created a divergent reality. Most time divergences were caused by manipulation of events by the demonic Mephisto. With each divergent reality, a new Earth with a new Celestial embryo was created.
After a time when X-51's world was saved from destruction caused by the death of the Celestial embryo (causing the Earth to repolarize itself), X-51 determined to warn other realities of the danger the Celestials posed to their home worlds. To do this, X-51 determined to gather a team of "heralds" from different realities, promising them to grant whatever they wanted most in return for their aid. These heralds would then travel to alternate worlds and warn that realities Reed Richards (X-51 presumed that since it was Reed Richards of his Earth who came up with a way to defeat the Celestials plot to destroy Earth, that the Richards of alternate realities would be the ideal choice as well) of the danger posed by the Celestials procreation.
Of the realities he visited, X-51 selected the following individuals:

  • Hyperion of Earth-1121 - Who came from a world where it's governments created a bomb that killed every super-being on the planet except for him. X-51 promised to find a way for Hyperion to die so that he could be reunited with his deceased wife, Zarda.
  • Spider-Girl of Earth-1122 - The May Parker of this reality took on the role and costume of her father: Ben Reily who was a clone of Peter Parker. X-51 promised May that he would introduce her to the man her father was cloned from.
  • Deathlok of Earth-7484 - Aka Luther Manning, who was turned into a cyborg warrior by his worlds government. X-51 promised Deathlok a way to make him human once more.
  • Bloodstorm of Earth-1298 - In this reality, the X-Man known as Storm was turned into a vampire by Dracula. X-51 promised to find a way to cure her of her vampirism.
  • Iron Man 2020 of Earth-8410 - Arno Stark is the distant relative of Tony Stark in the year 2020 of his reality. In his reality he had taken on the mantle of Iron Man, accidentally mutated his planets people with a nuclear bomb and battled frequently against Machine Man. X-51 offered Iron Man a way to become a hero without living under his relatives shadow.
  • Killraven of Earth-691 - Jonathan Raven lives on a world that has been conquered by Martians, he fights in a band known as the Freemen. X-51 promised Killraven to find a way to defeat the Martians of his home reality.
  • Wolverine of Earth-811 - Wolverine came from a reality where America was taken over by the mutant hunting Sentinel robots. When Wolverine was selected it was just after his body was incinerated by a Sentinel during the X-Men's frantic last battle to try and take over the Baxter Building. Wolverine was resurrected on Earth-9997 with a machine that Merlin once used to bring Captain Britain back to life. X-51 promised Wolverine that he would learn Wolverine's true origins.

After explaining the groups mission to them, X-51 split the group up in teams of two. Each team would travel to a different reality and warn that worlds Reed Richards. Each team went on their mission despite the protests of Uatu, who warned them that they were playing with forces beyond their control.

  • X-51 and Hyperion traveled to a world that was ruled by sorcerer Kulan Gath. On this world, Gath had outlawed science and made magic the one true authority on the planet. The two arrived on the world just as Gath had finished executing that realities Reed Richards by hanging. X-51 attempted to warn Gath of his worlds danger, but Gath -- deeming the two being the product of science -- commanded his soldiers to attack them. Hyperion made short work of Gath's army, killing every soldier and seizing Gath by the throat. X-51 explained the situation to Gath, who laughed and told the two heroes that he was aware of the Celestial child and had no intention of destroying it as it was the source of all his power. Hyperion then killed Kulan Gath with his atomic vision. The two then traveled to the nearest village to inform the people there that Gath was dead and passed on their information to a scientist that lived there and returned.
  • Iron Man and Bloodstorm ended up on a world where every being on the planet (primarily it's super-human community) have been converted into vampires and there was not a single normal human left. With nothing left to feed upon these super-human vampires struggled over their impending insanity due to blood loss and were planning to come up with a method of destroying the planet before they could take their infection to the stars. The duo passed their information to that realities Reed Richards, but were cautioned to leave after Arno was forced to kill a vampire version of Tony Stark when it attacked him. With this information in hand, Reed was given the resolve he needed to drop a device into his planets core, killing everything on the planet including themselves and the Celestial growing at it's core. This world has been designated Earth-2010.
  • Killraven and Deathlok ended up on Earth-1124, a world ruled by the empirical Sat-Yr-9, and were soon attacked by her palaces guards. The two resisted capture until their numbers grew to large and they surrendered. The two were brought to Sat-Yr-9 where they delivered their warning. Deathlok ended up going back alone, as Sat-Yr-9 found herself attracted to Killraven. Killraven decided he wanted to stay behind. This world has been designated Earth-1124.
  • Wolverine and Spider-Girl ended up on a world where Reed Richards was President of the United States. However on this world they found that Richards was a being known as the Brute and not the heroic individual they figured him to be. After a short battle, the two heroes were rescued by Namor and his wife the Invisible Woman and brought to Atlantis. When Wolverine passed the information to the couple, they had informed them that there was nothing to worry about as they had discovered the Celestial a long time ago and since destroyed it. This world has been designated Earth-1123.

When all the heroes returned to Earth-9997 they had found that Uatu was going to be executed by a collection of Watchers from alternate realities who had come to punish Uatu for revealing the truths of reality to outsiders. The group battled the Watchers and kept them away from from Uatu. When they were cornered, a last minute distraction from Killraven (having decided to return to his comrades) gave X-51 enough time to activate the citadels portals and transport each Watcher onto the surface of their respective Earth.
This action not only made each Watcher guilty of the same crime they charged Uatu with, but also made the citizens of each Earth aware of the fact that they were being watched. This, according to X-51, was the best way of warning every alternate Earth, because it wasn't Reed Richards that caused the turn of events on his world, but simple human curiosity. With their mission accomplished, X-51 brought the Heralds to his Earth in order to begin fulfilling their wishes as promised.

  • Spider-Girl was the first, as she was introduced to the Peter Parker of Earth-9997, who in that reality is a member of the New York Police. Spider-Girl also met her counterpart on this reality who is known as Venom. She revealed to Peter that she wasn't his daughter on her world, but that of his clone.
  • Bloodstorm was next, during the wedding of Medusa and Captain Britain she was introduced to her counterpart on Earth-9997, who in this reality is married to the Black Panther. The two arranged a blood transfusion that was thought to be the solution to curing Bloodstorm of her vampirism. The result of this blood transfusion remains unrevealed and it is unknown if this actually worked.
  • Wolverine, through information gained from X-51's archives and meeting with his old friends Sasquatch and Guardian in Canada learned his true origins. That he was an ancestor of a tribe of humans known as the "Moon People" a group that managed to avoid Celestial manipulation. That he was never really a mutant but a true threaded human being to begin with and that his abilities were the natural product of humanities unmanipulated evolution. It was also revealed that as an infant Wolverine was found by the Howlett family and was taken in as a replacement for their boy James whom had died at child birth. Wolverine taking the childs place to avoid any further scandal.
  • For Deathlok, X-51 once again used the device that Merlin used to bring Captain Britain back to life in order to create Luthor's new body. Although the body was created it has not yet been revealed if Deathlok decided to have his mind transfered into it or not, or if such a feat was at all possible.
  • Iron Man got his wish by departing Earth with the Guardians of the Galaxy, who had traveled to this reality in order to find a way to mutate their worlds population in order to battle the alien Badoon who had invaded there (This was part of a plot by Mephisto to create another alternate reality.) Having mutated the population of his own world, Arno agreed to join them back to their own future to find a way to help them in their own war.
  • Killraven having met the Guardians of the Galaxy, who's home reality was also attacked by Martians prior to the Badoons current invasion, was instilled with hope that one day the Martians of his world could be defeated somehow. This knowledge was enough for him and he returned to his home reality.
  • Hyperion finally got his wish when he accompanied Earth-9997's heroes to the Negative Zone where Mar-Vel's Paradise was expanding at a rate that threatened to swallow the whole Zone. When Reed Richards was lost in the Paradise's barrier, Hyperion flew in after him. When he crashed into Paradise's internal sun he was killed instantly and converted into one of the dead. He then battled the Kree invaders there and helped free it's inhabitances. Hyperion eventually was reunited with Zarda, but to his dismay found that she was with his duplicate and the two were in love.

Since all the other members otherwise got their wishes, X-51 joined a number of Earth's heroes who did not travel to the Negative Zone to Britain where they fought a final battle against Mephisto who was attempting to take over the world with the help of the Deviants. This plot was stopped and order was restored to the world, it is presumable that X-51 returned to the moon to resume his role as the Earth's Watchman.

Equipment: While on their original mission, each pair had a device that they were to give to Reed Richards that explained their mission. X-51 often used the devices in Uatu's citadel to monitor and collect the information required by each Herald in order to fulfill his promises to them.
Transportation: The Heralds were able to transport themselves to other locations and alternate realities through the portal system at Uatu's citadel on the moon. These portals were able to transport it's travelers anywhere they desired. Limitations to transportation, if any, is unknown.
Weapons: Each Herald had their own unique weaponry, see individual entries for more information

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