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Beast was a member of the X-Men. When Jean Grey went on a rampage due to losing control of the Phoenix Force, Beast and the other X-Men fought to stop her. Jean chose to sacrifice herself rather than endanger the world and after her death the X-Men disbanded. Beast took up a job as a university professor but when Professor X decided to reform the X-Men, Beast readily agreed to leave his job and rejoin the X-Men.


Seemingly those of Henry McCoy (Earth-616)#Powers


  • Portable Cerebro: A portable version of Cerebro, can be used even by people without telepathic powers.
  • Analyzer Visor: Electronic magnifier and heat glasses capable of to analyze organic and robotic subjects.
  • Anti Damon-Hall Syndrome Serum / Anti Viral Drug: Serum/drug capable of immunize and cure mutants from the Damon-Hall Syndrome/mutant gene virus.

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