District Attorney Henry Harper was a powerful man of the people in his early years- using his position to crack down on New York's biggest individual criminals whenever he could. As he took down crime boss after crime boss, Harper grew in power until he was able to take on the corrupt wrongdoings of the industrial giant, Quest Aerospace. Harper's campaign against Aerospace cost the company millions of dollars and destroyed their reputation- so Quest fired back with the intentions of doing the same; revealing that the majority of the funding for Harper's rise to power had come from Oscorp, Aerotech's main competitor. While Harper continued to do the best he could in his position, the public opinion turned on him- they believed he had only struck at Aerotech out of greed for his corporate superiors, or that he was involved in the numerous conspiracy theories regarding the powerful company. Try as he might to regain their trust, the name Henry Harper was sullied in the eyes of the people.

When the Cross-Species Virus began to spread through Manhattan, the public opinion of Oscorp reached a new low- people everywhere saw the company at fault for the thousands that were missing, transforming or being murdered in the burning streets. In the chaos, a group of anti-Oscorp citizens kidnapped DA Harper and brought him into the sewers, but before they could do anything the cross-species Iguana attacked them, and stole Harper himself, planning to devour the District Attorney. Fortunately for Harper, Spider-Man arrived after picking up the news of a disturbance in the sewers on his OsPhone. Spider-Man battled his way through Iguana's cross-species minions before confronting and defeating the monster himself- rescuing the DA in the process.

Henry Harper appears only in the optional side-quest encounter with the Iguana in the sewers under Manhattan.

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