Henrik Weber was a sixteen-year-old boy who lived in Winzeldorf, Germany. A short time ago, Henrik became romantically attached to a Romani girl named Trista. Any chance of a relationship between the two however was dashed when Trista caught Henrik in the arms of another woman.

Overwrought with guilt, Henrik went to Trista's home to apologize to her family for his slight, her unforgiving grandmother placed a curse upon him, transforming him into a rage-filled monster. Henrik's own father, weak of heart, was so shocked at seeing his son's transformation that he died on the spot.

Rumors of the creature's existence began to circulate throughout Winzeldorf and the villagers began to refer to him as Vielfras. The villagers did not know that the Vielfras was actually Henrik and they blamed him for the death of Henrik Weber and his father, as well as two missing children.

Through the aid of a woman named Mara Keller, the people of Winzeldorf enlisted the aid of the X-Man, Nightcrawler, to rid the town of this creature. Nightcrawler first battled the Vielfras at Mara Keller's Nightcrawler Museum. The two traded sword blows and Nightcrawler chased him into the nearby forests.

Tracking him down, he learned that the Vielfras was just a young boy who had never actually hurt anyone. Nightcrawler sympathized with him, reflecting upon his own mistreatment at the hands of town villagers many years ago. The townsfolk caught up to them and attacked both Nightcrawler and Vielfras.

They fought back and Nightcrawler was incapacitated by a shotgun blast to the shoulder. Vielfras defeated his attackers, but could no longer endure this monstrous lifestyle. Picking up one of the stray shotguns, he took his own life. For reasons that remain unclear, the demon lord Mephisto appeared on the scene to collect Weber's soul as well as the souls of the twelve dead men whom Weber had killed while defending himself.[1]


  • Vielfras is the German Word for Wolverine; its actual spelling is Vielfraß however (the Letter "ß" is not known in english language, it can be replaced with two "s")

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