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The Hellfire Club began in England as a social club for the social elite and wealthy in the 1760's. At some point, a handful of the most powerful members emigrated to the American colonies and began a branch in New York City
Two centuries later, White King Ned Buckman gave the support of the Council of the Chosen (the ruling body of the Hellfire Club) to Stephen Lang and his mutant hunting Sentinels. Backing Lang turned into a disaster, and a Sentinel attack on Sebastian Shaw's home led to the death of Lourdes Chantel. Out for revenge, Shaw and Emma Frost slaughtered the Council of the Chosen. Renaming the ruling body the Inner Circle, Shaw and Frost begin to surround themselves with other mutants.

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The members of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle were seen in a discussing with Angel, another member, about the Moreau Mutation Research Facility on Genosha. The board room was blown up during the discussion by the Followers of Apocalypse and all members of the Hellfire Club were slaughtered, with the exception of Gideon and Candra, who helped to kill their fellow Hellfire Club members to prove themselves worthy to be members of the Followers of Apocalypse.

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