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Hell's Belles
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Hell's Belles is comprised of female mutant terrorists. They were formed by Cyber to commit acts of extortion, and worked for a notorious drug cartel. Shrew eventually quit the team and agreed to testify against the cartel for immunity. The Belles, upon discovering their former teammate's betrayal, sought out to kill Shrew. The government then placed Shrew under the protection of X-Factor. The Belles ambushed X-Factor in a hotel, and in the ensuing battle, Briquette knocked Strong Guy through the ground into the basement, where she then proceeded to force the boiler to explode. Both X-Factor and Hell's Belles fled, but met up again, this time X-Factor overpowering the Belles and taking them into custody.

After Decimation, Flambé, Tremolo, and Vague were all depowered. Briquette is the only member of the Hell's Belles that possibly retains her mutant powers.

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

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