Disguised as an army official, he accompanied one of his colleagues to see the President due to an increasing number of internal moles in the United States. A man is introduced to them named Mr. Grover, who took them to witness the creation of the first super soldier, Captain America. Heinz, seeing the potential danger of an army of super soldiers whipped out his pistol and shot the vial containing the serum and the man who created it, Dr. Abraham Erskine, guaranteeing it could never be recreated. Captain America beat the spy into near unconsciousness, and in a mixture of fear and confusion, Heinz ran into a large electronic machine, being shocked to death.[2]




  • Normal army and secret service training.
  • Presumably spoke a mixture of languages, including German and English.
  • He had a "lovely singing voice".[3]
  • He was well gifted in the building of model ships.[3]


Armed with a pistol

Heinz was a friend of Baron Wernher von Blitzschlag.[3]

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