Heinrich Bungler was a commanding officer of the Gestapo during World War II. He was notoriously brutal, earning him the name "Bungler the Butcher". In the spring of 1941, Adolf Hitler directly ordered Bungler to capture the Destroyer. To this end, Bungler arranged the execution of Pastor Muller, a local priest who was vocally against Hitler's regime, in the hopes that it would draw out the Destroyer.

Bungler's plan worked, and he and his men would catch the Destroyer as he attempted to sneak into the compound where Muller was being held. Despite the fact that the Destroyer had cut his hands open while attempting to climb the perimeter wall, he would still manage to escape after playing possum and grabbing Bungler and using him as a human shield. The cowardly Bungler fainted when he was almost shot by one of his own men, allowing the Destroyer to flee the scene and get medical attention for his hands.

Regaining his composure, Bungler then focused on torturing the pastor, whipping him in a vein attempt to get the paster to retract what he has said against Hitler. When this failed, Bungler personally saw Muller to the chopping block and almost succeeded in beheading the priest if not for the timely arrival of the Destroyer. Beating Bungler into submission the hero would put Bungler's head on the chopping block and threaten to chop his head off. This was all a ruse to frighten Bungler into a faint again, allowing the Destroyer to escape to freedom with Muller.

Bungler's subsequent fate is unrevealed.


Bungler was armed with a Luger pistol. When torturing his victims he used a whip.

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