Hector Santiago Ruiz was the only son of poor immigrants from the Dominican Republic. He joined the local street gang in New York, but eventually struck out on his own, becoming an armed robber and a drug addict.

Hector was in and out of institutions until finally committing an adult charge of assault, and was sent to prison. There he began seeing visitors from a street mission, the Spiritual Light Society (apparently another name for the Dragon Circle). He became a model prisoner and was eventually paroled into the SLS's custody, at which point he was lost to further follow-up.

The Dragon Circle somehow acquired the technology used in the Falcon's costume (Wakandan design), and created a similar costume for Ruiz, who became their agent and enforcer -- Windeagle.

As the Black Panther was investigating the death of Angela Lynne (and the possible involvement of the Dragon Circle), he was attacked by Windeagle. However, as they struggled, members of the Dragon Circle ambushed T'Challa, running him down with their car. The Black Panther was strapped to a water wheel, intended to kill him. The Black Panther broke free, but was again confronted by Windeagle.[1] The Black Panther was defeated and recaptured, either by Windeagle, the Dragon Circle, or both. The Dragon Circle brainwashed T'Challa to remove his memory of them, and sent him back to Wakanda.

Monica Lynne and Kevin Trublood came to Manhattan to see what had happened to the Black Panther. Windeagle followed them. Windeagle confronted and attacked the Black Panther at the Wakandan embassy. The Panther fought him off, and his agents (including Taku) captured Windeagle in a net. Windeagle soon gassed his guards and escaped to attack T'Challa again. However, as the two fought outside the embassy, a sniper across the street shot and killed Windeagle.



Strength level

Normal Human


Windeagle wore an anti-gravity costume which enabled him to fly and glide on wind currents. This costume was based on the same technology as that used to create the Falcon's costume. He possessed some fighting experience, and could spray knockout gas from his gloves. He preferred to use this gas only to prevent others from interfering, and apparently believed in the honor of single combat (at times).

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