He was on his way to a doctor when a mob attacked him because of his appearance. Fortunately, he was saved by Phoenix. Jean recruited Hector into a new team of X-Men she led to Genosha to rescue Charles Xavier, who had been kidnapped by Magneto. On the way to Genosha, Jean gave Hector a telepathic crash course in using his powers and being an X-Man. During their fight with Magneto, Hector was able to transfer his invisibility field to Magneto, causing him sufficient disorientation for the others to complete the rescue of Xavier.

Despite his pivotal role in the conflict, Hector left the X-Men, in hopes of discovering and learning his abilities on his own.

Hector lost his mutant powers during M-Day.[1]


Hector Rendoza (Earth-616) 005

Wraith's transparent skin

None, Rendoza is a depowered mutant.

Strength level


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