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Little is known of the Goblin's history. He is a vigilante who wants to protect New York City from the Bestials and the Symbiotes. Believing he was one of the Symbiotes, he teamed-up with Spider-Man against Venom and Carnage, who wanted to conquer the Counter-Earth using the Synoptic (the Symbiotes of the Counter-Earth).[1]




The Goblin is known for his high technological knowledge that helps him to save himself and Spider-Man by use of his inventions.

Strength level

Without his suit the Goblin possesses the strength of a normal man of his age, but with his suit he can break a brick wall in a concentrated pounch.


Pumpkin Bombs


  • The Goblin uses a strange looking machine that called "Goblin Wings," which is like a bag that launches huge wings that help the Goblin to fly around the city.

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