Hawk Rivers (Earth-616) 002

Hawk Rivers unmasked

Hawk Rivers was a notorious arsonist who was active in New York City during the 1940's. In the summer of 1941 he broke out of prison, putting the Human Torch and his partner Toro on his trail. To get away from the heroes he set a building ablaze. Toro was injured in the process of saving the people trapped inside.

Later, the mayor of New York received a ransom from Rivers demanding the city to pay out 10 million dollars or he would destroy the city. With city officials leaning toward paying the ransom, the Human Torch refused to surrender and took the law in his own hands. The situation became more complicated when Toro disobeyed the Torch's orders and left the hospital to track Rivers down. Toro found the arsonist's hideout but was captured and used as a means to try and keep the Torch from attacking.

Wrapping the boy up in asbestos lined tape and sealing his feet in plaster, Rivers tossed the boy sidekick from a plane. The Torch managed to save him. Melting off the landing gear of Rivers' plane, the villain was forced to surrender in order to land safely.


Rivers had access to asbestos which he used to wrap up Toro


Hawk Rivers had a plane he would use in his operations to destroy buildings.


Other than conventional fire arms, Rivers had access to many incendiary devices for the purposes of arson.

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