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Council Elders
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R'Chel (Mind controlled)
Information-silk Enemies
Formerly X-Men, Savage Land mutates, Fall People, Other Saurian races
Information-silk Origin
Evolved race of Saurians
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First appearance

The Hauk'ka are Saurians that evolved from dinosaurs the same way humanity evolved from ancestral primates. They possess technology, culture and a military that rivals any human civilization. They have vast knowledge on super-powered beings, even possessing their own (a flyer, telepath and a super-strong powerhouse to name a few.) They are also led by a council of older Saurians. These particular race of Saurians appear to be carnivorous in nature, treating imprisoned humans (Fall People) and even the more peaceful Saurians as "meat."

The X-Men faced the Hauk'ka when they travelled to the Savage Land, investigating the mysterious resurrection of Psylocke.

The telepath, Kaidan, caught Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers) by surprise and manipulated her into thinking she was born and bred Hauk'ka. They then captured the remaining X-Men and imprisoned them in their well-organized citadel. They formulated a plan to use Storm to manipulate the weather and cause global hyper-storms to wipe out the human race, afterward claiming Earth for themselves.

They managed to initiate these storms using Marvel Girl's power to amplify and sustain Storm, to critical levels. It took the alliance of the X-Men, Savage Land mutates and even the regretful Hauk'ka to reverse the global effects of Storm's hyper-storms. They now appear to be on neutral terms with the human race.

Equipment: Advanced weaponry, headset transceivers, sensors, robotics, mind control devices, Genetic analyzers, power inhibitors, holographic projectors
Transportation: Lower intelligent Savage Land dinosaurs
Weapons: Firearms, low-tech weaponry (spears knives etc.)

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