Hattie was an introverted and, in the words of her son, "difficult" woman who could never hold a relationship together. She worked as a checkout clerk in a clothes shop, and had numerous medical and psychological problems, most notably a "phantom pregnancy." One night, she had a vivid dream that she was giving birth to the baby she was not really carrying, and when she awoke the phantom pregnancy was gone, and a healthy newborn baby boy had mysteriously appeared in her room. She did not question where the child had come from, but it is believed he was born as a result of mutant powers she did not know she had. She raised the boy as her own, and in doing so became much more outgoing and healthy.

Her son would grow up to become the dream-manipulating mutant Campbell Saint-Ange, who would become acquainted with Rogue of the X-Men.


Hattie's exact abilities are unknown, but she was believed to have had mutant powers at an unconscious level that allowed her to bring the subjects of her own dreams into reality.

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