Harry Tabeshaw is a Canadian of Ojibwa ancestry, whose father was a military man stationed in Germany when he was born. Growing up, Tabeshaw would become an expert tacker and joint he Canadian military himself. He would take a position as army recon and see action in Goosegreen, Derryside, and the Persian Gulf. Leaving the military he would make a living as a tracker, guide and owning his own air freight company Ojibwa Air, flying a Douglas DC-3 Dakota[1].

He would be hired by Ronald Parvenue to help track down and capture the Hunter in Darkness a mythical wolf-like beast that roamed the Canadian Rockies in Alberta. After this job, he would later be hired by Wolverine to find the facility where the Weapon X Program operated, during a time when Logan was seeking to learn the secrets of his past. Finding the location for them, Tabeshaw would lead them there, but refuse to trespass on the land because it had a bad feeling to him[2].

Much later, after Wolverine had the Adamantium ripped out of his body by Magneto, Wolverine would hire Tabeshaw to fly him to the Canadian north to pay a visit to Heather and James Hudson. Tabeshaw and the others would be trapped when the facility the Hudsons were working in would be invaded by the offspring of a time displaced Hunter in Darkness[3]. Tabeshaw would be constantly at odds with DeLong, a biologist working with the Hudsons, but would use his survival and shooting skills to help them survive until the Hunter in Darkness itself (recognizing Logan's scent) would call off it's progeny. Following this Tabeshaw would fly Logan to the grave site of his love Silver Fox to pay respects[4].

When Wolverine would be called by Professor X to come to Muir Island, Tabeshaw would fly Logan right into a battle with the Phalanx. Tabeshaw helped Wolverine, Cable, Cyclops and Jean Grey escape the island when they rigged it to explode, damaging his plane in the process[5].

In thanks, Charles Xavier would purchase another plane off Archie Corrigan to replace the one that was damaged in the battle against the Phalanx[6].


None, human.


  • Trained army soldier
  • Pilot


  • Douglas DC-3 Dakota airplane

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